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The idea of this page is to give more information on some of my projects -making of's, behind the scenes, things that never made it. Click on an item's title to expand it


Some artwork for Poor Soil, from start to finish. I do the drawing, CG previz and photoshop/compositing, my colleague HC does the claymodeling.







Poor Soil Turntables

As a part of our film  Poor Soil, me and colleague HC Smulders are making pictures that will appear as framed photographs in the course of the story. Here’s some sketches, 3D turntables and shots of work in progress. The sketching and CG is my work, the claymodeling is by HC.

Artistic Wireframes

Goes with  Artistic Differences– if that one wasn’t weird enough, here’s an even more abstract version. All the greyblue bits are actual footage, all of the rest is CG-stuff that’s been faked in afterwards

Spasm (old project)


‘Spasm’ is a film that I was working on some ten years back. At the time, I was sharing a studio wth my friend and colleague HC Smulders and we had taken up the plan to make a short, Chuck Jones style cartoon. Animated in 3D but stylized more to look like something hand-drawn. (You may have to increase your browser windowsize in order to make the text legible)

concept art by HC Smulders

Clay concept model and sketches by HC Smulders

Storyboard and CG previs by Jasper Scheepbouwer

CG tests by Jasper Scheepbouwer

After some time, it developed into this